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Website Outage, February 4-5, 2018

Either yesterday or today, February 5, 2018, we experienced some kind of total website outage.  We don't yet know what happened or why.  All I can say is that the last full database backup we had was January 5 2018, so that is where we are now.  For those of you who posted after that up until now, our apologies for lost posts---please post again.  The same goes with probably several hundred new members!  You may need to re-register.

Request for Help from Viewers

Dear members and viewers,

I received a report from a member (with screenshots) that appear to show that the website has been hacked---but I am not seeing what he is seeing (typical Viagra junk, both in the header and footer).  This member kindly did a security scan as well which also showed the problem, although again, weirdly, when I looked there I did not see the problems he did. So:  Could you please look carefully and let me know if you see anything wrong?  Thanks.

March 31 2014 News

Hello everyone.  I'm jumping the gun by a day but I didn't want to post on April 1, a day of trickery in some parts of the world.  So here are some news items for you, some half baked, read more...

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