LightZone Reaches 100,000 Registered Members!

I think I speak for Doug, Masahiro, And so many others from the early days of the project when I say that this, to us, is an astonishing milestone.  Certainly Doug and I never dreamed in our wildest fantasies when we started this project that this would happen.  We thank everyone who has helped make this happen (read more by clicking the link below)


Over 80,000 registered users

As of May 12, 2015, we have moved past 80,000 registered users.  Thanks to all of you who have joined, and many many  thanks to our regular forum members for fielding questions and answering them, helping out with new members, etc.  Much appreciated, especially during a period when I have had little free time to be here.  Still have some busy times ahead, but not like the last year.  To all of you who are new, enjoy the software.

Happy Birthday To Us; Happy Thanksgiving From the U.S.

This month marks our birthday month in 2011 (roughly, as it was a rolling start...), so we are 3 years old now, and we celebrate by clearing the 70,000 member threshold.   As many of you may know already, we are also at beta 13 beyond the release candidate, V4.0, thanks to lead developer Masahiro Kitagawa. Read More after the break...

Special Note for New People Having Trouble Registering

Because of my ongoing email problems, I cannot receive email from the website at this time.  That includes all mail sent through the "Contact" menu bar tab.  Read more by clicking the link below...

Major Milestone: 50,000 Members, Plus 2 Important Problems (Update 14:50 UTC)

We have crossed another major membership threshold, 50,000 members.  Again, numbers like this are just amazing to us.  This is about 50 times the number of members we had last year around this time, IIRC.  We actually crossed this threshold about 2 weeks ago on May 20, but I delayed the announcement for a couple of reasons.  One, I didn't want it to conflict with the beta 9 announcement. Click the link below to read more...

Major Membership Milestone Reached

Today we have reached the 45,000 member threshold.  To put this into perspective, two years ago today we had 167 members.  One year ago today we had 277.  We thank you all for coming and joining, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you all. 


March 31 2014 News

Hello everyone.  I'm jumping the gun by a day but I didn't want to post on April 1, a day of trickery in some parts of the world.  So here are some news items for you, some half baked, read more...

35,000 members, and our video tutorials are now organized, with more coming.

We've hit yet another milestone in our growth, thanks to all of you!  And I am happy to now announce that our Youtube channel, The LightZone Project, is now (finally) much better organized through both playlists and sections.  You should be able to quickly find the video tutorial(s) you need.  Also, I will be adding some new videos shortly, hopefully over the next few days, plus more after next week.  We will also establish links to other LightZone videos not produced by us once we have the permissions.

New Year News

Happy belated new year to all our membership and guests.  A special welcome to all our new Australian members who heard about us from Choice Magazine, I think (?).  I have been trying to find this mysterious article about us, but cannot find it after lots of searching.  I would appreciate it if someone could send me the actual link to the specific page.  We do have a little bit of news to share with you at this time, so please click the link below and read on....

Welcome All You Lifehackers and Others!

Forewarned is forearmed.  We're ready for you this time.  I'll be approving people pretty regularly today and tonight---although I'll still be asleep between about 04:00-11:00 UTC, but I'll probably get up in the night to do some approvals.  Click below to read more...


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