New Mac Download Packages Available, And Also Linux And Now Also Windows

Masahiro has developed new Mac download packages that have fixed some problems users experienced.  Changelog is here . He has prepared Linux packages as well, but has had a little trouble with Windows this time.  Now Sorted!  Thanks also to Ron Goldthwaite for testing and finding some errors.  Nice to see you back, Ron!

August 4, 2016: Downloading and Mac Problems

The hosting service for our download packages for Windows and Mac has been experiencing intermittent problems following server maintenance this past weekend.  There is nothing we can do about this, so please be patient and just keep trying every hour or so.  There have been times when it was OK.  Also, our newest release poses problems for some Mac users.  Read more by clicking the link "Read More"...

Hey Everybody! Read This Now!

The website is being overwhelmed!  We are a small, shoestring outfit---we don't have the bandwidth.  All these membership requests are crashing us.  We want all of you, but let's all relax for a little while....(read more)

News Update for September 9, 2013

A quick news update with several items (Updated 9/10/2013. click below to read more):

We are being flooded---600+ new members in 24 hours...

Please bear with us----nothing like success, I guess. Many of you can't download because we've reached download limits. We will try to correct this ASAP. Remember, Windows users, though: The build is currently broken, but being recompiled with a new compiler. So you should be waiting anyway. We should have things fixed soon. Meanwhile i have updated the tutorials section in the left hand sidebar: check those out while you are waiting.

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