October 1 2013 Update: V4.1 Beta Testing Has Begun

I have always felt that October 1 meant the first real day of Fall where I live.  And I have also felt that each season in its turn marked a new beginning, not just Spring.  So it pleases me that our beta test of the new version of LZ begins today.  Read on for more....

Equinox News

As of the equinox yesterday, we now have over 5,000 members.  It wasn't so long ago we made posts like this for 300 members.  As we approach our 2 year anniversary, we'll prepare a history of LightZone and this project, including some interesting announcements about the project.  We are preparing for the next round of beta testing for a new version (see post below to sign up), and that should be ready any time now.  It will include new raw profiles, dcraw 9.19, larger font, several resurrected tools, and a bug fix or two.

We have a new round of beta testing coming

Pavel and Masahiro from the Dev Team have been working hard lately to get a new Windows build ready with new compiling tools.  Pavel ran into a bad snag, and once again Masahiro found a way to fix it.  So now we are getting close to being ready to beta test the next, new release of LightZone, (read more, click the link below...)

We Need Your Help--contact us.

We have immediate needs for Forums administrators from the UTC 0:00 to +3:00, UTC + 6:00 to +10:00, and UTC - 8:00 time zones.  Your main duties will be to regularly approve memberships, but expertise in Linux, Mac or Windows is helpful, as is knowledge of LightZone.

We have immediate needs for new Development Team members.  You would serve on a team that can further develop LightZone.  This can include RAW profiling, which does not require coding skills.

We also have a need for web designers knowledgeable in Drupal . 

News Update for September 9, 2013

A quick news update with several items (Updated 9/10/2013. click below to read more):

Adobe Lightroom bug — rare but potentially nasty

For those of you who're also using Adobe Lightroom, Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer has pointed to some blog entries by Jeffrey Friedl that discuss a long-standing bug in the Publish module in Lightroom 3, 4, and 5 (including the just-released 5.2). If you don't use the Publish module, you're fine.

Update, August 13, 2013: Lots of Video Tutorials on Our YouTube Channel Now

We have a YouTube Channel, The LightZone Project (so clever, no?).  There are now 27 video tutorials there, close to 2 hours and 45 minutes worth, and more are coming. So far there are video overviews of the whole program, both the Browser and Editor modules, Saving and Converting, and then detailed videos about the Tool Stack, Tool Anatomy, Tool Menu, Regions, the Zonemapper-Zonefinder, and the Relight Tool.  These videos go into more detail about the program and tools than anything ever produced about them before. Click on the link under "Help Files" in the left sidebar.

News for July 30, 2013

Hello everyone.  We continue to grow steadily.  This week let me call your attention to our new video tutorials at The LightZone Project channel on YouTube.  Follow the links in the Left Sidebar.  Also check our Screenshots section on the Menu bar.  I hope to roll out several more website tweaks this week, and more tutorials as well.  All you Mac Beta Testers out there:  we are approaching one month of beta testing.

July 24, 2013 Website Updates and General Message

As of now we can safely say we have crested 3,000 members, even taking account of those registrants who have not completed the signup process. Pretty amazing to Doug and me.  Please finish your signup process!  If you do not get your confirmation email more or less right away (which contains a link which you must follow back to the site to complete your registration), then please contact us, tex@lightzoneproject.org.  Be sure to check your spam folder, btw.  We are getting much more rigorous about weeding out uncompleted signups. (More)

Website Updates As Of Today

Today, as we start to get close to 3,000 members (!), I've made a few changes to the website, a couple of which will be of note to users.


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