Happy Yule to All of Us

What an incredible year it has been for all of us at The LightZone Project.  Doug joins me in saying that when we started this I barely dreamed---in Doug's case almost never imagined---where we would be today: 30,000 registrations, soon to be 31,000 by the New Year, over a fully functioning public release of LightZone. (click link below to read more...)

Welcome All You Lifehackers and Others!

Forewarned is forearmed.  We're ready for you this time.  I'll be approving people pretty regularly today and tonight---although I'll still be asleep between about 04:00-11:00 UTC, but I'll probably get up in the night to do some approvals.  Click below to read more...

We Are Getting a New Influx of Members

In the last 12 hours we have seen a significant uptick in member signups, a more than 800% increase from our current normal daily signup.  Our experience shows that this is the result of an article or mention somewhere, but googling has not yet shown me where, and Google Analytics is not helping either..  Can someone help, please.  We like to keep track.

Another Milestone

Today we cross another threshold.  We now have more than 25,000 registrations at the LightZone Project.  A few of you have complained about our sign up process---and it is clunky and has even failed us a couple of times when we had a flood of new registrations.  Some of you who are coming to the site for the first time may be wondering about it.  We know it can be a little annoying, but we still think it's a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things.  And the benefit to all of us will become plain as we move forward.  Please read on...

Happy Birthday to Us. Updated

Yesterday and today mark our 2 year anniversary as a project.  We actually went live a few days earlier, but there were a few technical glitches that disturbed the public rollout until today, November 19, in 2011. We started with just about 50 members.  As of yesterday we passed 24,500.  Wow. Read more...

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Update October 22, 2013

Those of you having problems with the download links:  if you have been approved---and we are doing that every 2 hours or so, sometimes more frequently, except during the sleep period of about 0400-1000 UTC----then you should see the download links in the 3rd box down on the left.  That box is only visible to approved members.  Most of you who are not seeing that need to clear your browser history/cache/cookies and re-try.  Read more....

October 20: Once Again We're Being Flooded With New Registrations

We've gotten about 1,000 registration requests in 6 hours, from 1200-1700 UTC.  We really appreciate the attention, but all of you new people are hurting yourselves---our system can't cope with such a rush, even after the changes we made last Wednesday.  LightZone is a free software now, so there's no big rush to beat a "deal" before we start charging.   I know many of you are not getting your automatic emails, but so many people are trying to sign up simultaneously it breaks our system. Read more...

October 16 Update: Things Should be Working Better Now

Thank you everyone for your patience during our little hurricane.  I have done a couple of things on the back end today, with help from others of course.  Our out bound email limits have been increased to 700 from the previous 150 (!).  That will help a great deal and eliminate those "email can not be sent, contact system administrator" messages (read more)

Hey Everybody! Read This Now!

The website is being overwhelmed!  We are a small, shoestring outfit---we don't have the bandwidth.  All these membership requests are crashing us.  We want all of you, but let's all relax for a little while....(read more)

October 15 2013 Update

Today as of UTC 17:00 we are experiencing some site problems.  We are being flooded with registrations, and it is causing server problems.  This may mean you don't get your emails, and we are having trouble approving all of you.  We hope these problems will be resolved shortly.  Thanks in advance for your patience.


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