Tex is Back on the Grid

As of this writing, UTC 01:35 June 21, Tex is re-connected to the internet. I'm still traveling, but now I will have at least daily internet access. I'll jump into the forums and begin answering support questions as soon as I'm caught up with emails & etc.


"Out Of Office" Message for June 13-20, 2015

Tex will be "off the grid" on the dates above, with no internet access and very limited phone access.  So I won't even be able to look in at the website.  And after that my access will be "spotty".  I'll be back in full after July 3.  Take care!


LightZone v4.1.1 Now Available

Downloads are from the same links.  Bug Fixes Here

Over 80,000 registered users

As of May 12, 2015, we have moved past 80,000 registered users.  Thanks to all of you who have joined, and many many  thanks to our regular forum members for fielding questions and answering them, helping out with new members, etc.  Much appreciated, especially during a period when I have had little free time to be here.  Still have some busy times ahead, but not like the last year.  To all of you who are new, enjoy the software.

LightZone v4.1 now available !

Hello everyone in the LightZone community. Our latest release candidate, v4.1, is now available for download---no longer beta for those of you who are beta-averse.  Many thanks to Masahiro Kitagawa and our translation team. Read more for the change log details...

Happy Yule ! Have a Wonderful Holiday.

Happy Yule (to those of us who keep to the old ways...), Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (just passed)!  And just in time for the holiday Masahiro brings you a gift.  From his email to me: "I've just uploaded new packages, v4.1.0beta14, in time for Xmas. :)

There were a lot of parts to change to internationalize help files on all OS's, so I needed longer time than I had estimated."  Changelog is here: https://github.com/ktgw0316/LightZone/wiki/ChangeLog.  Now, on to Yule feast prep---read more if you want to see the menu....

Happy Birthday To Us; Happy Thanksgiving From the U.S.

This month marks our birthday month in 2011 (roughly, as it was a rolling start...), so we are 3 years old now, and we celebrate by clearing the 70,000 member threshold.   As many of you may know already, we are also at beta 13 beyond the release candidate, V4.0, thanks to lead developer Masahiro Kitagawa. Read More after the break...

In Memoriam: Uwe Steinmueller

It is with great sadness that we relate the death of Uwe Steinmueller, by heart attack on August 8th.  Most relevantly for us who are LightZone users, he and his wife Bettina were early advocates of the program and they produced on their website a number of tutorials for it, and for a while ran a challenge "contest" for LightZone development of an image they provided.  He appeared with Fabio Riccardi in one LightZone video, and was a consultant to the LightZone team in its early formative years, from 2006 through 2008 or so.  All of us have them to thank for some of LightZone's early success, and also probably for some improvements that occurred in those early days.  He also was of assistance to us here at the project when we started, and was delighted when we succeeded in going open source and preserving LightZone.  Read more...

Tex is back (sort of)

Sorry that I've been away, but I've had pressing family matters, my eldest daughter's wedding July 20, with all the out of town guests and everything a wedding entails (and we did a bunch of it ourselves to save money...).  I am still on (behind) deadline on my other big project, but maybe seeing a faint glow which possibly means the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thanks for your patience, and I'll be able to get back to some LightZone Project stuff over the weekend. UPDATE August 11, 2014: still a bit "behind the eight ball". Please bear with me...

Special Note for New People Having Trouble Registering

Because of my ongoing email problems, I cannot receive email from the website at this time.  That includes all mail sent through the "Contact" menu bar tab.  Read more by clicking the link below...


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