LightZone Reaches 100,000 Registered Members!

I think I speak for Doug, Masahiro, And so many others from the early days of the project when I say that this, to us, is an astonishing milestone.  Certainly Doug and I never dreamed in our wildest fantasies when we started this project that this would happen.  We thank everyone who has helped make this happen (read more by clicking the link below)


November 23, 2015: LightZone v4.1.4 Released

Hello LightZone community.  Today our lead developer Masahiro Kitagawa has released v4.1.4, which fixes several bugs and adds a few tweaks/improvements.  Changelog is here. Also let's all wish Masahiro a Happy Birthday (a couple of days late...)


Happy Birthday to Us!

Four years ago today, tex and I took the web site live.

Three years ago today, Anton Kast joined the project and soon began negotiations that led to the release of the LightZone source code under the BSD open source license. At the time, we had between 200-250 registered members. Today, we have over 97,000 registered members, and should be crossing the 100,000 mark in the next few months.

If you're curious, here are a couple of postings that give a quick look at the early history of the project:

Best Wishes for the Citizens of France

I hope I speak for the entire LightZone community when I extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of all the victims of the attacks in Paris, the wounded and the dead.  We hope that they are able to find some healing in the weeks to years to come.  Our best wishes from our international community go out to France itself and her citizens.

Historic LightZone Meet-Up: LightZone in Japan!

Greetings LightZone user community, from Kyoto Japan.  Tonight I had the privilege of meeting our lead developer, Masahiro Kitagawa And his lovely wife Aya in Kyoto, where my wife and I are on tour(just ending) with her museum's tour group.  I was able to go along with her, and so was able to meet with Masahiro for the first time.  Read more (and it's worth it!) by clicking through...

Tex Is On The Road Again

I'll be traveling for the next 13 days, September 30-October 12, so please be patient as my internet access will be restricted to the time in the hotels.  This should not be as disruptive as my June trip, however, as I'll never really be off the grid.  And I'll have a surprise for all of you towards the end of the trip....

September 27, 2015: LightZone v4.1.3 Now Available

Hello LightZone Community!  Hope your Autumn or Spring is starting out well.  Masahiro Kitagawa has released v4.1.3 this weekend in Mac, Windows , and Linux packages.  Mac users please note:  (EDIT) Masahiro has won the battle with the Snow Leopard, so that is now ready too.  Find the changelog here.   Besides a dcraw update and new/revised raw profiles, there's a couple of interesting extras.


LightZone v4.1.2 now available

Masahiro has today uploaded v4.1.2 for Windows, with Linux and Mac to follow.  See his forum post here.  Changelog here.


New Poll For All Users---Please Vote!

Hello LightZone community.  We have a new poll for you in the right sidebar, so please vote.  I hope this will help us prioritize raw profiling when we can or must.  We will continue to try to provide new profiles for all new cameras as we are able to...(click below to read more)

Request for Help from Viewers

Dear members and viewers,

I received a report from a member (with screenshots) that appear to show that the website has been hacked---but I am not seeing what he is seeing (typical Viagra junk, both in the header and footer).  This member kindly did a security scan as well which also showed the problem, although again, weirdly, when I looked there I did not see the problems he did. So:  Could you please look carefully and let me know if you see anything wrong?  Thanks.


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