More Raw support - a look ahead

LightZone's Raw-file conversion facilities are heavily dependent upon the open-source dcraw program. In turn, dcraw is fairly dependent on Adobe's DNG converter, because by default the camera color profiles in dcraw are those provided by the DCP files in the DNG converter (although some dcraw profiles are custom).

Adobe's next DNG converter version will be 6.6. According to Adobe, this will add camera support for:

Pentax K-5 Raw Camera Profile

LightZombie member AdrianP has provided a Raw Tone Curve for the Pentax K-5. Adrian writes,

I think it probably pulls the highlights up (way) too far but it makes quite a pleasing image of, for example, the studio shot at DPreview and a couple of test shots. See what you think.

You can download the K-5 Raw Tone Curve from here.

Thanks for the donation, Adrian.

Fuju X100, Panasonic GF2, and Sony A77 templates fixed; Sony A65 template added

I made a boo-boo in the Raw Tone Curve templates for the Fuji X100, the Panasonic GF2, and the Sony A77: I forgot to put the ZoneMapper into RGB mode. Corrected versions are now available for download. If you prefer, you can just unlock the Raw Tone Curve, switch it to RGB mode, and use File>Save Style to store the corrected Raw Tone Curve.

Sony A77 Raw Tone Curve added

A Raw Tone Curve template file for the Sony SLT-A77 camera model has been posted.

This is a custom template and is released to the public domain.

Fuji X100 and Panny GF2 Raw curve templates

Raw Tone Curve template files for the Fujifilm Finepix X100 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 camera models have been posted. These were specifically requested.

Both are custom templates and are released to the public domain.


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