Lens and cameras corrections

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Lens and cameras corrections

Hi everybody


I know, already discussed bunt no real news nor informations...


It's really the only big lmack of Lightzone (I really like Lightzone), but when will you implement Lenses and Cameras correction?

Lightzone with this feature would really be the firt concurrent to Lghtroom, and I, and so many others, would give away Lightroom (and DXO and others) for Lightzone.


So please, implement that great feature! ;)

It is on the way



It is on its way. Masahiro (our main developer) is working with it. If you can compile LZ yourself you can try it out. And it does for sure work :-)) We look forward to se a version that is ready for prime Time.


Have a nice day

Yes, I owe Masahiro an email tonight

I've just been swamped.  But we are overdue on this.  Masahiro being a new father prbably has something to do with it....

A new father?

Kaede has become a big, strong girl by now.

Same question ,,,


Just to refresh ,,, Do you know more about the dates?