Colors wrong - color profile issue?

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Colors wrong - color profile issue?

Using LZ 4.1.7 on Windows 10 x64.

Editing a folder of photos and they all look yellow-ish.  Did a white balance and they still look yellow-ish. Saved the file and opened the LZ file with Windows Photos - white balance looked right.  Opened the LZ file with GIMP 2.8.22 - white balance looked right.  Moved the Windows Photos and GIMP windows on top of LZ - LZ is definitely yellow.

GIMP reports the image is using sRGB.

What do you need to do to get colors to show correctly in LZ?

What is your camera

What camera are you using ??


Have a nice day

The Windows version

doesn't have the monitor colour profile setting, so make sure it is set right on your system. And that Gimp is using the same profile.

GIMP says it was using a

GIMP says it was using a "color managed display", but I don't see any details about what specifically it is using.  I changed GIMP to "no color managed display", restartetd it, and opened the image.  White balance still looks "right" in GIMP, but wrong in LZ.

GIMP gives a visually white-ish point as RGB 228,228,229.  So "looks like a neutral point" really is "IS an neutral point", and LZ-only is showing a weird color shift towards yellow.

Downloaded image.  No

Downloaded image.  No metadata.  I cropped a sample with GIMP to demonstrate.  The cropped sample shows RGB color space instead of sRGB.  Same symptoms with the original and cropped original.

I'm a little iffy on the color management.  Dual screen with two different monitor brands.  Can't tell if I'm using Windows or NVidia card color management.  Color profiles loaded for each. I think one monitor may be color-managed by windows while the other is color-manged by NVidia.

Both monitors show the same symptoms.  I've tried 4 different programs now.  LZ shows yellow on both monitors.  GIMP, Microsoft Photos, and Corel Paint Shop Pro show correct white balance on both monitors.

Here is a sample showing side-by-side with the 4 programs.

I can upload teh source image somewhere if that would help. Let me know where.

Yes Upload Please

Plus tell us what camera you are using.  I notice that you are editing a Tiff image.  Is that how the shot is taken?  According to this thread LZ does not support above 16 bit Tiff.  I hope that your bit size is not 32 bit.



8 bit RGB.  Camera unknown. 

8 bit RGB.  Camera unknown.  Downloaded image - no metadata.

I didn't see a way to upload

I didn't see a way to upload to this forum.  I created Issue #206. with the source file and sample screen shot

Opens with Good WB in Linux

As my subject says, it opens fine for me in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).  I see that you are using Windows 10 64 bit.  Make sure that the LZ you installed matches.  LZ comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit.  I don't think it would be a problem to run 32 bit version on a 64 bit machine but it is probably still best to match I believe.  I know that you can't run the 64 bit LZ on a 32 bit machine.  If the version you installed doesn't match perhaps you should uninstall and match the 64 bit version of LZ.  The windows version of LZ might be a little more sensitive.



No problems here

with your sample on Windows 7, it is a sRGB file, displays correctly in all programs, including Gimp and LightZone.

In Gimp 2.8 settings, leave the Color managed display and also check Try to use the system monitor profile, if not already checked. Restart. Any changes?

I found this old post:

I found this old post:

I moved one display from the manufacturer-provided ICC profile to the generic sRGB ICC profile.  Exited LZ and opened it again.  WB looked right.  Moved LZ to the other monitor and WB looked yellow-ish again.  Repeated with the second monitor.  On #2, WB is maybe less yellow, but not as neutral as #1.

I neither like nor understand this.

  • How can a "generic" color model be "better" than a color model that was developed for a specific device?
  • With the original device-specifc color profiles for each monitor, color cast looked the same across both monitors.  Now the color balance is different enough between left and right monitors that it is distracting.
  • I used to have a color problem with one program on any monitor. That's turned into a color problem on one monitor with every program.
  • I don't understand how changing a monitor color profile would affect only one program.  As per above, since one monitor looks more yellow-ey, maybe it affected all programs a little, but LZ-specifically by a lot.

This is like a thorn in my eye.

Duplicated posts

are not helpful at all.

You didn't say, whether you have set Gimp to use the system colour profile. Or any other, manually specified profile.

Paint Shop Pro should support colour management, but perhaps you didn't enable and configure it properly.

Viewers like IrfanView and many others do support colour management, but it is disabled by default. I wouldn't know how the Microsoft thing behaves.

You can test, which of your programs are properly set, using these test images:

Device specific profiles should be better than the generic sRGB, when, again, properly configured.

Optimal calibration is another thing, that requires a dedicated device, for instance this one.


Additionnally, calibrated

Additionnally, calibrated monitor often look a bit yellowish !