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Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

Registration is a three step process! 

  1. After providing your username and email address....AND RE-READING IT!!! (too many people have typed their email addresses incorrectly...)----and the email you provide must be legitimate and one that you check regularly.....
  2. We immediately send you an automated email with a one-time log-in link.   You should receive this email very quickly---something like under 10 minutes. If you do not there is something wrong.   If you do not get this email check your spam folder, or try again, or contact us if you are having problems from the "Contact" page link found on the menu bar, but please read the instructions on the contact page!  In order to help you we will need some information from you.  We check the site multiple times a day, and also our email in the event you have had a problem.   If you do not receive the automated email, do not wait more than 1 hour to contact us unless you know that your email is especially slow (remote areas and/or places with poor internet).  We will help you as soon as we can.
  3. You must follow the instructions in the email to activate your account by logging in again through the one time link.   Please complete the process as soon as you can, otherwise we will delete your account.

Update, March 5 2014:  Approval is now automatic.







Hah!  When did I get the link I didn't recognize?  Sorry!  And Thank You!

Koa Feliciano
Need help

I am attempting to change my password as per instructions. I received the e-mail with link wich I copied and pasted. Once in, I clicked "Edit" and landed on the password page (after clicking the "you need to change your passwpord link").

The form first asks for my "Current Password". I have no idea what that is. The original e-mail I received had the following info:

username: Koa Feliciano

password: Your password

That's it. I entered "Your password" and got nothing. I entered my email, nothing. The I used the new password I was submitting in that block as well and got nothing. Yes, I entered my new password twice each time and I'm still getting kicked back.

The weird part? It seems I am not supposed to be able to post here unless I have been approved. But this section opened so I am posting here.

What am I doing wrong? Can you folks help me actuallt change my password so I can receive the download link? Thanks!


this seems great

Hi, everybody!
I'm very happy I stumbled upon this community and I cannot wait to get my hands on the software because judging by the screenshots and the description of its concept, it looks like it's a great alternative to the usual line-up.
A big thanks to the team for doing this project.


Nice project!

Full Approval Yet Pending

I never did receive the original automated e-mail, but when I checked my account had been registered for over a week. Updated the password, but I do not appear to be authorized to post on the forums, and the download links do not appear. I have reloaded the site from scratch to check; perhaps my request for approval fell through the cracks? Thanks.

New member

I'm waiting for the download link :)


Download for mac

Ummm. i really need to download this for my school tomorrow:/ im in a photography class. and i need it tomorrow. ;c so i was wondering if there was a way to get approved faster.~ PajamaBen

Download for mac

Ummm. i really need to download this for my school tomorrow:/ im in a photography class. and i need it tomorrow. ;c so i was wondering if there was a way to get approved faster.~ PajamaBen

You have been approved.

You have been approved.

Not Opening

I managed to get the software downloaded but it won't allow me to open it saying it is from an unidentified developer. Is this because it won't open in Mavericks?

Please help I am keen to get started.



dann schaun ma mal...

Gaston Sofia
I'm waiting for the download link :)

I registed already but te link still not appear. Am I doing anything wrong?

I'm excited to try lightzone

Can't wait! :)


Just want to say hello.

Thanks for this great project!

no download link

no download link

Initial registration's gone through...

I guess all I have to do now is wait!

Thank you !!!

Registered and now waiting a manual Approval for the Dwnld Link, so that i can try out this software .

waiting for approval ...

Now ... wait for my final approval.
Hear a lot about this project.

tks. for all members


e farlo piu facile ?






Test too see if I was approved


just waiting for the approval

serial number

Hi there,

  I am trying to install the program and it says "Try Now" or "Enter Serial#". Do I need a serial number? Thank you for your help.

Very excited to use this program

You have downloaded the wrong

You have downloaded the wrong version in your excitement.  Go back and take a closer look at those downloading instructions....



Got the limk


Can't wait to try it! Even

Can't wait to try it! Even more so lightroom doesnt work on XP!



I registered a while back, and patiently awaited the confirmation email.

I've checked all through my email and I haven't received anything. I reset my password and received the email to change passwd. Is it possible to re-send the confirmation email or set my account so I can download ?


Many Thanks



new member

I'm waiting for approval. Fantastic sw!


Waiting for approval and

Waiting for approval and looking forward to try this software :)

waiting for weeks...

Still not seeing download information.  It's been weeks.  I don't know how you expect to build a user community when you don't let people download your software.

You are fully approved and

You are fully approved and probably have been for weeks according to our records.  That is also evident from the fact that you were able to post on the site and see the post----only approved members can do that.  The problem is at your end with your browser.  it must be cleared.  To test this, try logging in from your phone or another computer.  Alternately, send me your password and I'll log in as you.  But I warn you: EVERY time I have done this for people i have successfully logged in as them and there were the download links as clear as day.  Not once has this failed.

Next question: why have you waited this long to contact us or post your problem to the forums?  That is surely not our fault!


Have I been approved?

How do I know when I´m an

How do I know when I´m an approved member?

1. When you make a post and

1. When you make a post and it appears in the forums.  Only approved members' postings appear.

2. When the download links on the left hand side of the page appear (but you must be sure your browser history/cache/cookies have been cleared).

Please see the several notes to new members about how long it typically takes to get approved.  In your case, at the time of this posting, you had registered 3.5 hours ago, and I approved you about 2.5 hours ago.

hello how are you i am fine

hello how are you i am fine thanks

Simply searched for an

Simply searched for an alternative to the big commercial solution and found yours. Looking forward to give it a try on my Macbook. Pls activate my account. Thx!

Waiting for the link


  Just wanted to be sure I was approved. I am waiting egarly for the link.

Thanks for the great work.

looks like ok

K guyz, hi here!

Just waiting to taste this software with my nikon's .raw (.nef) files !

I understand spam is annoying, but I hope the wait is not very long !

Peter Bruce


I have registered with Lightzone as a new member, I have tried to coax the site to give me the download button but it will not give it to me. HELP.



Peter Bruce


I have registered with Lightzone as a new member, I have tried to coax the site to give me the download button but it will not give it to me. HELP.



Looking forward ...

... to try LightZone! :)


registration verification, ignore this msg



for registration verification

for registration verification


Just testing this out! :]

waiting for approval

I registered last week.  Still waiting for the download link. TIA

In my profile

Member for

4 days 2 hours

You are approved, and have

You are approved, and have been, probably since last week.  If you can see your post, that proves you are approved.  So, problem most likely at your end with a sticky browser.  You could try sending me your password and let me try it.  Also, try logging in on another machine or with a phone or tablet, just as a test.

i found this link on google,

i found this link on google, can't wait to download the program..


Waiting for approval for test, this software from the screenshots it looks fantastic thx


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