Original LightZone Installation File Links

UPDATE March 5 2014: These files are provided for historical and archival purposes only.  All new V.4.0 versions and betas are ready for download, for all registered members, from the links provided in the LEFT sidebar of the home page. We do not recommend using the links below any longer.  They are trial versions of the old commercial product and will require a license key after a period of time. They are provided here for the convenience of legacy users who purchased the commercial product and have a license key, or interested developers.   The only exception to this are certain Mac users still using older Mac OS's who cannot use our new Mac versions.  If you are one of those, please contact us directly through the "Contact" menu button.

(Also from archive.org's Wayback Machine)

Roxio editions:

The new versions do not require License Keys. But if you feel you need to recover a lost one from a previous version of LZ, then you may try this: Recover a lost license key (Activation may still work)