Contact us

Feel free to contact us, but be advised that we are a small organization administratively speaking, and totally volunteer.  Also, currently the only person answering or forwarding your inquiry is in the UTC -5:00 time zone.  Your best option for technical matters relating to the program and its use, or issues/problems with its use, is to use the forums to pose a question or post a comment.

This is however the best way to contact us for membership questions, log-in issues, press inquiries, volunteering, or other inquiries not related to usage of the program:

When you write to us, be sure to include your user name and the email you used to register, if different from your main email account.  In our early days we could recognize many of you by name, but now with many thousands of members that has become impossible.


Also important: please refresh and clear your browser if you are not seeing the download links box.  If, after clearing it you still do not see the box, please try using another machine or your smartphone just as a test.  You will probably see it.  If you still don't, please then also include your password when you contact us so we can run a test from our side.  Note: In almost 100% of the cases we have done this (one exception), we successfully logged in as that user and immediately saw the download box.