August 4, 2016: Downloading and Mac Problems

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The hosting service for our download packages for Windows and Mac has been experiencing intermittent problems following server maintenance this past weekend.  There is nothing we can do about this, so please be patient and just keep trying every hour or so.  There have been times when it was OK.  Also, our newest release poses problems for some Mac users.  Read more by clicking the link "Read More"...

We have been getting reports through support and here in the forums that some Mac users are experiencing problems with the latest release.  I'll let Masahiro say it : " Hi,  I've been trying to fix this issue since the latest release. I think that you can workaround the DCRaw problem by installing libiomp5 (see, but there still remain other problems. The cause of the problems is Java6, and I'm trying to make it possible to run LZ using the latest Java8.

I will add to this that Mac, originally during LZ's commercial days very friendly to us, is now something of a headache. I trace this back to when Apple abandoned Rosetta and got into some kind of dust-up with Oracle over Java. We are committed to being cross platform, but please bear with us while we try to sort this.  I once again put out a call to anyone out there who thinks they can help with this on the development side, and thank our forums members for jumping in and figuring out the workarounds we have so far.
Thanks, tex.

Thanks, tex.

I've been running an older version (4.1.5) that I got via the thread:


This seems to be working OK on my Mac under El Capitan.



Thank YOU, Biff

That's what I was hoping for, some Mac people chiming in.

same here. 4.1.5 works on

same here. 4.1.5 works on Yosemite but not 4.1.6. 

after resetting could open NEF files but not ARW files. no problem with 4.1.5.

wished saved the error massages. it refered to DCRAW.

I think that were the problem is in raw file processing.


more Mac user feedback...

I tried all versions of LightZone on El Capitan (4.1.3, 4.1.5 and 4.1.6), they all demand I install Java6.

Holding out for that update, much appreciated as I am very fond of LightZone (and would also gladly pay for it, I might add...)

OS X 10.9.5 and LZ 4.1.7

I have OS X 10.9.5 installed and tried 4.1.7 for Sierra => doesn t work it is missing libraries

tried the 4.1.7 version for snow leopard => it works


Thanks for the good work


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